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KeyValues is a web site that matches software engineers by their desirable values. This is kind of neat because it pre-filters companies that you may find yourself miserable at due to prioritizing based simply on location, money, or prestiege. These are only 3 dimensions in a career that you'll likely be spending a third of your day involved in, with the other 2 thirds being life and sleep.

Over the past decade I feel like I've fallen into the governmental hole where I became increasingly isolated with the tech world. Each time I would poke my head up I'd find everyone just scrambling to reinvent things that (I felt) had previously existed for years with new names and APIs. Since the pandemic of 2020, I've taken a significantly closer look into what I've been missing.

Code Server

I've had friends telling me about online IDEs and IDEs in the cloud for about a year now. At the time, I always thought, that's great but:

Protecting The Brand

I just listened to a podcast that made reference to "name debt". It was centered around how the interviewee wanted to present a new product and whether they should give the new product its own brand or ride an existing brand that it didn't quite fit within the scope of. The term "name debt" in google brought up another concept called "brand debt". Clicking on the first reasonable looking link led to some nice to know nuggets and a nice terse checklist that can help a non-business person like myself wrap my head around defending against brand debt.


This is the first post in the Vinnie Research & Exploration Log (REL). This journal aims to serve several purposes.