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About Me

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Vinnie Agriesti ([email protected])


Greetings!, My name is Vincent Agriesti but I generally go by Vinnie. I am an engineer, teacher, and founder. I'm excited about creating software and applications for custom hardware, kernels, embedded systems, backend services, frontend GUIs, and games. This site is where I showcase discoveries, thoughts on various topics, and my general interest in creating things.


I've been learning the craft of software development since 1995. I started out by doing neighborhood IT support and application development for my friends, family, and school system as a teenager. I got my first professional experience as an employee of the US Naval Academy in 2003. There I would develop and maintain their backend automation for their IT department. In 2008, I moved from USNA to other US Gov't Command Centers where I primarily did Linux Kernel C development for commercial security solutions and and custom GOTS hardware solutions.

Current Job Responsibilities

Technical Lead of organizational teams responsible for the integration of technologies into deployable products and the development/maintenance of the software development kit used to develop systems for use on all deployed hardware.

  • Software Engineering - Development of system designs and concept of operations to solve customer problems and gaps. Development of C, C++, Python, code to satisfy objectives. Mentorship of intern on software engineering.
  • Systems Engineering - Develop implementation vision and design for to-be capabilities. Review products of direct reports including code, documentation, CONOPs, requirements, and test plans. Discovery of stakeholders and work directly with customers to determine requirements.
  • Scrum Lead - Prioritization and delegation of operational development business cases and requirements handed down from leadership.
  • Technical Lead - Coordinating with the section team leads to prioritize and schedule strategic development across all organizational product lines.

Experience Summary


Past Positions

  • Founder and Technical Lead, Player First Studios LLC (2020-present)
  • Capability Development Specialist, Department Of Defense (2014-present)
  • Intern for Computer Network Operations, Department Of Defense (2011-2014)
  • Information Security Designer, Department Of Defense (2008-2011)
  • IT Support and Systems Developer, US Naval Academy (2003-2008)
  • Web Development, Free Lance (2005)
  • IT Support, Bignell Watkins Hasser (2007)

Education / Training

  • MS in Information Systems Engineering from JHU 2020
  • BS in Information Systems from UMUC 2008 (aka UMGC)
  • AA in General Studies from AACC 2004
  • Adjunct Intructor at National Cryptologic School