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The Husk of a Reference

The primary reason for my writing this blog post now is because I intend to post the Inform section incomplete. I'm tired of coming up with reasons to not post what I've already written and I'd rather have what little's been done available sooner than later. That said, this is a early access sort of thing and should evolve over the coming weeks into something more complete.

For a while now I've had an unused Notes section stubbed out where I wanted to put more "how to"/"how I do X" kind of information. This differs from Blog information because blogging is about a stream of consciousness or events, where as the Inform section is more thought out, matured, and organized (especially over time).

I've found that by not shoving the two different pieces of information into their respective buckets just enables me to conflate the two into a blog article. Therefore I've now actually started to put the information that is purely "to inform" in the new Inform area of this site. Note: There is no plan to remove/move any of the existing blog articles. If anything, there may be some material copied.

At this moment, the Inform section really is just a husk of what I want to start putting over there. I've started with two major topics that I want to get from my head to the keyboard: Embedded Systems Analysis and Visual Studio Code Tips.

The Embedded Systems Analysis has a well thought out outline and so I've stubbed out all the pages, although about 80% of them are empty except for their titles. The plan is to get most of that all filled in by the end of October.

As for the Visual Studio Code Tips, this really is in a "playing with it as I go" sort of situation. Ultimately I could see it becoming more of a "How I Work / My Work Flows" kind of writing. Either way, I intend to populate that as I repeat my typical VSCode related workflows.