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Where Is My Data?


A list of services that I use and their purpose.

A showcase and public forum for writing about my technical experiences and knowledge that I believe to be good for sharing.


This is a private git repository where I can write and express my thoughts on any subject. Often used as an engineering tool to transfer thoughts from my mind into writing. Whether they are ever seen again is immaterial to the process of converting the though into an externally expressive medium.


A private git repository where all my repositories are stored. This functions as a backup if Github becomes unreachable and an additional level of security for private repositories that I don't want published on corporate services at all.


A corporate and remote location to host git repositories. Its where this website lives and its where I keep all of my open source code.


A private password vault service to store all of my secure passwords that are non-memorable.


My number one choice for corporate cloud services. They're not the cheapest, but their entry level prices are low enough that I can appreciate their services and I also appreciate the documentation that DigitalOcean provides about products that I've used outside it the context of their service.

Services I use from DigitalOcean:

  • Droplets - VMs (that can host containers) w/ floating IPs.
  • Static File Hosting (this site) w/ git push triggered building.
  • Managed (postgres) databases.
  • DNS Management (w/ 1st class certbot integration).


The cheapest and most effective back up service on the net. I simply create the bucket, setup the crons, and all of my stuff is backed up offsite.