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Container Collections


Container Collections is a bin to store lists of container things I'm collecting, comparing, contrasting, or simply listing for future reference.

Container Terms

  • OCI - Open Container Initiative [Wiki] [Github]
    • runc - OCI reference implmentation container runtime
  • CRE - Container Runtime Engine - Parent process for containers and its namespaces.
  • Linux Namespaces - Partitioning of resources in kernel. (Fundamental to containerization!)
    • Container - A tree of processes that have been launched within a set of linux namespaces via the clone() syscall.
  • Docker - Container Orchestration
  • Kubernetes - Container Orchestration
    • CRI - Container Runtime Interface [Docs]
    • etcd - key-value store
    • kubelet - per node k8s management agent
    • pod - scheduling unit in k8s ... also a single network namespace

Container OS Distributions

  • CoreOS
  • Flatcar

Container Images


Kubernetes Providers

K8S Frameworks

Container Storage Interfaces (CSI)

K8S Tools

  • Krew - kubectl plugin manager
    • Ketall - For real "get all" for kubectl.
  • [Kubespray] - Too to provision K8S across resources (i.e. nodes).