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Downloading Urls


While curl is the best tool for performing HTTP requests, it can't perform any HTML processing. Therefore it isn't suitable for downloading a page and its assets independently.

In a shell script you could opt to hack something together like:

ASSETS=$(curl -s |
grep href |
sed 's/.*href="//' |
sed 's/".*//' |
grep '^[a-zA-Z].*')

for file in $ASSETS; do
curl -s -O$file

Note: The above is not recursive and isn't smart enough to distinguish between local URL and remote URL.


Wget has some minor HTML processing capability. Its no browser, but it has the ability to download href's that are found in img and link tags.

The easiest way to download a single URL (with assets mirrored) with wget visibility:

wget --no-certificate-check -mEp

For more functionality, I advise knowing about:

  • --convert-links - Make links suitable for local viewing. I don't use this because I typically want everything verbatim for proper forensic troubleshooting.
  • --span-hosts - This allows wget to hop from host to host.
  • --domains - This limits the hoping to prevent it from running away to some untrusted site.

man wget for more information.