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📍 LAB: Pin Configuration


This document is not yet written.

Triple Register Format SR - Status Register (Read) ER - Enable Register (Set) DR - Disable Register (Clear)

Why is this better? No read/update/write cycle.

Know the difference in R0-R16 registers vs memory mapped registers.

What happens when you read a write only register?

Atmel Pin Configuration Exercise

Configure I/O lines 0-3 to have:

  • 4 bit output port on I/O lines 0 to 3
  • open drain
  • pullup resistor

Configure IO lines 4-7 to have:

  • Output signals
  • driven high or low
  • no pull up resistor

Configure IO lines 8-11 to have:

  • input signals
  • pullup resistor
  • glitch filters
  • input change interrupts

Configure IO lines 12-15 to have:

  • input signals
  • no input change interrupt
  • no pull-up resistor
  • no glitch filters

Configure IO lines 16-19 to have:

  • peripheral a
  • pull up resistor

Configure IO lines 20-23 to have:

  • peripheral b
  • no pull up resistor

Configure IO lines 24-27 to have:

  • peripheral a
  • input change interrupt
  • pull-up resistor